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If you’ve lived in New Orleans, you know the city’s slogan, “Proud to call it home.” Nowhere does this saying feel more true than in Mid-City — the colorful and friendly neighborhood in the heart of New Orleans where my daughter and I make our home, and my specialty as a realtor.

Technically, Mid-City is a small area, bounded by Toulouse Street, South Broad Street, I-10, and City Park Avenue, but residents use “Mid-City” to refer to a larger area that shares the neighborhood’s authentic character. While many parts of New Orleans are tourist hubs, Mid-City’s diverse residents tend to be natives or have lived here for years, and businesses, rather than cater to out-of towners, rely almost exclusively on locals.

Since residents can find everything they need within walking distance, they spend a lot of time in the area, get to know their neighbors, become regulars at their favorite hangout spots, and form close communities.

The Mid-City and Bayou St. John neighborhood associations are among the most active in New Orleans and are committed to keeping the neighborhood clean, connected, and safe.

One of Mid-City’s major selling points is its convenient location. You can drive from Mid-City to any part of New Orleans and most of Metairie in 15 minutes or less, making morning commutes and weekend excursions a breeze. If you don’t feel like driving, you can take the streetcar, which runs along Canal Street to the Central Business District and along North Carrollton Avenue to City Park. Riding the streetcar is a New Orleans tradition, and it’s a cheaper, greener alternative to parking downtown. The new streetcars are air-conditioned and wheelchair accessible, so they provide a comfortable ride even during hot Louisiana summers. And whether you’re cooking at home or dining out, it’s always easy to find good food: Mid-City has three major supermarkets — Winn-Dixie and locally-owned Rouses on North Carrollton Avenue and Whole Foods Market on South Broad Street — as well as a weekly farmers market and restaurants within walking distance of every part of the neighborhood.

Like every neighborhood in New Orleans, Mid-City is distinguished by its best bars and restaurants. Unlike most neighborhoods, restaurants and bars in Mid-City serve a crowd that is mostly local — a combination of Mid-City residents and other New Orleanians who commute across the city to enjoy their signature fare. Here are a few of these Mid-City classics:

  • Parkway Tavern — Locally owned since 1911, Parkway Tavern is the original home of the po’ boy sandwich, invented in 1929 and still enjoyed on the banks of the bayou today.
  • Angelo Brocato — Established in 1905 and still run by the Brocato family, this gelato and cannoli shop has been a household name for generations of New Orleanians.
  • Mid-City Yacht Club — This sports bar — named for the rescue boats that sailed Mid- City during Katrina — is known for its tasty food, infused vodkas, and crawfish boils.
  • Chickie Wah Wah — This relatively new venue is considered one of the best in New Orleans. It serves up gourmet sandwiches as well as live music and drinks.

More than twice the size of Central Park in Manhattan, City Park is one of the largest and oldest urban parks in the United States and one of New Orleans’s most prized gems. This 1,300-acre park was founded in 1854, and some of its oak trees have stood for over 700 years. But don’t let that age fool you: City Park is beautifully maintained and always has something new for visitors to explore. Kids can climb and play on multiple playgrounds, ride the roller coaster, Ferris wheel, and more at the Carousel Gardens Amusement Park, explore the larger-than-life fairytale scenes at Storyland, and test their mini-golf skills at City Putt. Dog owners can bring their pets to City Bark  — an off-leash dog park with amenities for owners and separate play areas for large and small pups — while equestrians can board their horses or take riding lessons at Equest Farms. There are trails for walkers, joggers, and cyclists; the North Golf Course for serious golfers; Morning Call restaurant serving coffee and beignets 24 hours a day; and rentable bikes and boats at Big Lake. On Halloween weekend the park hosts the popular Voodoo music festival, and during the holidays, the whole park is lit up in a dazzling display for Celebration in the Oaks. Best of all, City Park is home to the world-class New Orleans Museum of Art, which is free for Louisiana residents on Thursdays and for teenagers all year if you pick up a Teen Pass.

“Bayou St. John” refers both to the waterway that runs from Lake Pontchartrain down the eastern side of City Park and to the tight-knit community nestled along the curving south end of the bayou. The idyllic landscape makes Bayou St. John one of the most sought-after parts of the Mid-City area, and residents take full advantage of their surroundings. The bayou banks provide scenic paths for joggers and dog walkers and plentiful grass for picnics, while the bayou itself is a popular spot for adventurous types to bring their kayaks and canoes. Besides these everyday activities, the bayou hosts the Greek Fest every May, which offers traditional food, live dancing, kids’ activities, and free admission on Sunday if you show up wearing a tasteful toga.

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